PRP Cell Therapy with Arthrex ®

The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) method is a gentle and effective therapy for skin rejuvenation using the patient’s own blood, and, in contrast to wrinkle treatment with other filler materials, helps achieve a long term rejuvenated and fresh appearance.

The PRP method has already been used medically for more than 20 years to ensure a faster healing process in injuries. Sports injuries, as well as arthritic illnesses have benefitted from this method. Later, the PRP method made its way into aesthetic medicine and became popular as a safe, non-invasive therapy for the use in skin rejuvenation, regardless of the area (face, neck, chest, hands, etc.)

PRP cell therapy is suitable for:

  • Saggy, tired and old skin
  • Small wrinkles all over the face or partially on the eyes and upper lip
  • Improved skin structure

Preparation in our practice:
First, blood is taken from the arm. Using a special centrifuge, platelet-rich plasma is then obtained and prepared appropriately (Arthrex ®). The treatment can resume 20 minutes later, as the biological fill material is then injected into the desired area of the body. The positive effect is visible after only a couple of days. Possible bruising or slight bleeding generally disappears very quickly. After about a month, the growth factors inside the plasma result in cell regeneration, resulting in the gradual rejuvenation and smoothing of the skin. To achieve the perfect result, it is recommended to have three treatments performed in our practice. The costs per session are CHF 500-700, depending on the region and are not covered by health insurance.

Benefits of PRP Cell Therapy:

  • A natural, beautiful appearance
  • Firmer skin and reduced wrinkles
  • Improved image of the face
  • Gradually occurring effect with long term results
  • Effective promotion of cell renewal, thanks to concentrated, naturally occurring growth factors
  • 100% organic and well tolerated
  • Uses body’s own active ingredients, no allergic reactions
  • Effects visible after 2-3 days
  • Full result visible after 7-14 days
  • Effects last between 8-20 weeks